To Hell With Tradition Shares Strobing New Video For ‘Eggshells’

Choppy organs and deep bass underline ‘Eggshells’, the latest release from To Hell With Tradition’s new album Blurred stylistically akin to the doors The Doors. Topped with intense, thought provoking lyricism and pointed vocal delivery, the track develops into a Muse-esque breakdown with guitar-style distorted keyboard sounds topping the tight drums, driving the track forwards with a renowned sense of urgency.

Accompanied by a strobe heavy video depicting a silhouette of Achim (the man behind To Hell With Tradition), the song is given an aptly mysterious video to fit with the Kraftwerk undertones which occupy the music.

Musically interesting and strikingly unique and stylistic, ‘Eggshells’ is a one example of To Hell With Tradition’s artistry.

Watch below:

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