The Tracys have released their new punk-rock anthem ‘Your Team Sucks’.

The band describes the single as a “stadium anthem for our time”, simultaneously poking fun at sports culture and the rabid, brawling fandom reveling in its idiotic and savage glory. It’s a blistering reflection of our culture, society and the state of today’s world. As the band says, “No one can agree on anything, everyone’s picking sides, and maybe the only thing we have in common is if your team’s not my team…your team sucks!”
This track pulls strongly from the 90’s punk scene, with bands like Punky Bruster and Reel Big Fish in the mix. The Tracys wear their influences on their sleeve, which isn’t a bad thing at all. You know where you stand with pop punk. And despite this song having far more important overtones, it will no doubt become a sports bar staple whenever the play offs are on.
Check out the accompanying video, here
‘Your Team Sucks’ is the second single/music video off The Tracys upcoming album, ‘Humdinger’ scheduled for release March 23, 2018.