Track: Bayonet – Just Want You

Bayonet - Just Want You
Bayonet - Just Want You

Sheffield consistently tops polls of friendliest/happiest places to live in the United Kingdom and with music like this pouring out of it, it’s not hard to see why. Bayonet are a Sheffield four piece who bring an endearing aesthetic to everything they do, whether it’s their artfully retro videos, poster-boy-pretty good looks or carefully constructed indie pop anthems. Their latest single is like one last intense ray of sunshine slanting through a window as autumn falls and it brings an immediate smile to the listener.

“Just Want You” is another achingly pretty slice of midtempo downbeat indie pop. It soars with lyrics about the ‘you’ of the song winning over the singer’s heart with their words, their perfume and their very nature. It’s bittersweet and despite the repeated affirmations of love and desire, there’s more than a hint that this is love that is lost or worse, unrequited. There’s more than a little of the Police’s striking guitar riffs alongside the usual excellent Bayonet mix which adds a more pained, borderline desperate edge to the refrain “I just want you.” If Vince, Lewis, Danny and Sam had a girl or two in mind when writing this, let’s hope they’re listening and paying attention!

The video is suitably sunny and dreamy, with some fantastic Canadian settings as backdrop to the photogenic Vince’s romantic scenes with co-star Taylor Jackson.

Buy the song from iTunes here or listen to it on Spotify now and check out a great live version of the track.

Check out Bayonet live if you can (reviewed here). Look for details on their tour page for more details. Also visit their Facebook, Twitter and website.

The boys were also interviewed by BM before their Leadmill gig. Read it here.

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