Premiere: SUSU return with the smouldering ‘Break You’

New York City’s SUSU, aka Liza Colby (Liza Colby Sound) and Kia Warren (Revel In Dimes), both supported by Joey Wunsch (guitar), Ronnie Bruno (drums), and Connor McClelland (bass), of the raucous and energetic trio Dry Clean Only. Taking the lead from the likes of Tina Turner as well as a heady dose of southern rock, the band have just released a new track ‘Break You’ taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Panther City’, out in November, and we’re delighted to premiere the track right here on Backseat Mafia this morning.

The band say: “‘Break You’ is a sonic baptism by Etheric Blues of dobro and acoustic washing over you. Two powerful black voices become one as they invoke the Mother with rhythmic compulsion; calling the pendulum back toward the feminine. There IS something bigger than US. A Collective Consciousness. A Universal life force. An expansive experience. The Mother. She is the reminder that there is a fine line between comfort and happiness. She encourages us to Break the constraints of all that we have known until now. Do the Work, begin again. Break You is the first song we ever wrote together, the cornerstone of our friendship, creative partnership and foundation on which we built SUSU. It marked the death of our Egos and the birth of USUS.”

Break You is this engaging slice of soulful indie rock, full of echoey guitar lines and shimmering electronics, the pulsating drums driving it forward underneath this melancholy but beautiful vocals. A moment of gospel harmonies shines through the track, till these melodies once again hit home as it wanders to a close. It’s lovely stuff.

Check it out, here

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