See: The Dumplings release video for Technicolor Yawn

Let’s get this straight, The Dumplings are not a (completely) new band. The Polish duo’s protagonists, Justyna Święs and Kuba Karaś first met at a song competition in 2011, and have released a couple of albums, No Bad Days and Sea you later, through Warner Music Poland. It’s just the rest of the world (including us) are beginning to catch up to their charming, sugarcoated indie-electro.

There’s something almost child-like and innocent about their music. Listening to Technicolor Yawn, the synths bubble, and the guitars chime, but it leads us down this engaging and melodic path, the little melodic snatches that layer over eachother still simple but effective, while Święs’s vocal is frankly bewitching. Its partly the 1 million view plus on the similarly saccharine video that’s attracted the bookers over at SXSW to engage their services.

You heard it here, just probably not first.

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