Film Review: Explorer

Ranulph Fiennes on on snow

There have always been people who are inexplicably driven, from an early age, compelled to test the boundaries of what mankind is capable of. To stretch the limits of human endurance and to be the first to reach the most inhospitable and isolated places. They will strive to do this, regardless of the cost. This outlook isn’t usually compatible with a stable homelife. Family and relationships often come out secondary to the obsession.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes, or Ran, is one of world’s most celebrated explorers. His adventures have taken him to many places. Circumnavigating the globe longitudinally, reaching both Poles on foot, discovering a lost city and climbing Everest. To name but a few. He was even on the shortlist to play James Bond and kicked out the SAS. However, it was perhaps the love he had with his wife Ginny that was his greatest achievement. Explorer tells his story.

While Fiennes’ exploits are far too numerous to list, as Explorer proves he’s a much more interesting character than just his list of achievements. Matthew Dyas strikes gold with the eccentric peer. There will be few greater cinematic moments than watching him trying to manoeuvre out of a car park. Indeed, whilst his endeavours speak for themselves and would fill several documentaries on their own, there’s much more to the wonderful Explorer.

Explorer is out in UK cinemas on 14 July.

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