Track: Gordi releases a new track ‘Inhuman’ off her upcoming Album


Gordi (aka Sophie Payten) has just released a new track ‘Inhuman’ via Liberation Records. ‘Inhuman’ is the title track from her forthcoming EP, which is set for release on 19th August.

Payten is a doctor and ‘Inhuman’ was inspired by the time she spent working in an emergency department during the Covid pandemic as well as what she experienced at work during the bushfires that swept through Australia in 2019.

There is a sense of melancholy that permeates ‘Inhuman’ with Gordi delivering her vocals over a dense beat and lush electronic orchestration. The song builds slowly and eventually explodes into a glorious and emotional denouement.

“When I wrote this song, I was thinking about the blackened roadsides on my drive from Sydney to Lismore in 2019. I had to turn back halfway because the fires were too out of control. I was supposed to start work in Lismore Hospital on the Monday where I would meet countless patients who couldn’t be discharged because their homes had been destroyed. Hearing one story after the next made me numb and being numb to that sort of tragedy feels like forgetting to be human.”


‘Inhuman’ has been released with an accompanying video in which Payten wanders the streets of Melbourne, stalked by a giant Lobster. The video was directed by Triana Hernandez and dreamed up by Gordi. It’s kind of creepy but has an hilarious and surreal ending with Gordi and the Lobster partying and enjoying cocktails.

“Escaping the inescapable was the vision for the video. When I pictured this inescapable tragedy, I pictured a giant red lobster – stalking me until eventually I couldn’t ignore it anymore.”


Stream ‘Inhuman’ HERE.

Photo Credit: Jess Gleeson

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