Track: Duffy – River In The Sky

After dropping a new track by sending Jo Whiley an“only for radio” track, called ‘Something Beautiful’, in March, Duffy has returned with another moving track entitled “River In the Sky”.

This deeply personal, emotive, piano-driven song will only be made available across Duffy’s social media channels, which Duffy captions with the words: “For the better days to come.”

In a personal account, on her blog (, Duffy wrote: “I never knew if I would get to the place of being able to do this, I am grateful to get here. Not everyone has the privilege of being able to talk, such as I am doing today,” as she explained in detail the account of a rape and kidnap ordeal that would steal “thousands of days from her life.”

She further explains: “Finally, the realisation that the very thing that hurt me, will become the very thing that heals me. I faced a deeply inhumane experience; only humanity can heal that.” ‘

“River in the Sky” discusses sorrow and the desire to be unburdened; she sings “As I walk this life, doubt on my mind, I pray to fly, burden free.”

When you have a voice like Duffy’s you only need a piano for accompaniment. Grab the headphones and tissues for this as it’s what you would expect if you have paid attention to the headlines.

Duffy sings ‘‘Why oh why do we cry, do we cry / Just like a river in the sky.” in the chorus and being afraid of the dark in the verses. The fragile voice on the edge of breaking has unknown strength and overshadows the soft piano, making for a hauntingly beautiful track.

Listen to the track here or on Duffy’s Facebook.

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