News: Zack Robertson Returns with Invigorating Indie-Rock Sound in New Single ‘Lovely’

Zack Robertson delivers the infectious pop-rock sweller ‘Lovely’. Vibrantly catchy and brining together a tight soundscape of rock guitars with electronic elements, the track melds two musical worlds brilliantly.

Opening with muted synth arpeggios and the comforting crackle of vinyl, ‘Lovely’ sets a light, bouyant tone as Robertson’s silky vocals deliver heartfelt, light lyricism. Propelled into its explosive chorus, the tracks punching drums, grinding guitar sounds and intricate hi-hat patterns build into alternative-rock, reflecting against the still prevent electronic elements.

Beneath his contented lyricism lies a spirited undercurrent, enriching the song with a relatable and uplifting energy that resonates with audiences.

“‘Lovely’ isn’t just a love song”, Robertson explains. “It’s a song that I feel the world needs. It has an extremely positive outlook and pulls no punches when describing the feeling involved.”

With performances at prestigious events across the UK, including the Isle Of White Fest and Teddy Rocks, Zack Robertson has carved a name for himself as a notable up-and-comer in the indie scene. Known for his high-intensity live shows and glowing songwriting, Robertson continues to captivate audiences with his infectious energy and undeniable talent.

Listen below:

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