Backseat Mafia On Tour: York

This past weekend, part of the London Family of Backseat Mafia took a trip up to the beautiful city of York for a wedding of friends.  The occasion itself took place in the gorgeous (and sunny, thank goodness !) surrounds of the Hospitium. That wedding introduced me to the wonderful game of Hammerschlagen, but the trip also gave me the opportunity to do a little bit of digging around for local bands.

We started our Friday with lunch at the awesome “Love Cheese” on Gillygate (now listen, you can buy cheese from them on-line, DO IT !) where we particularly enjoyed the Gruyère and the Yorkshire Terrier that accompanied it. While we munched, I checked out the May/June edition of One & Other magazine which introduced me to the (defunct) label Red Rhino (which we might find time to talk about later). Bellies full, we took a stroll back down Gillygate, all ready to head into town to see what we would see, when we were stopped in our (leisurely) tracks by the inkwell.

ZOMG. If ever a shop were created in which I could happily while away the hours, it is this one. They had comics, old records, postcards, badges, books, posters, “Lennon and McCartney go Latin with Tony Osborne” on the record player and a genial host in Paul. He was kind enough to talk me through some of York’s potential musical delights – the labels Bad Paintings and Well Weapon, and sold me the “St. Bernard” EP by Little Triggers and, favourite shopping moment of the weekend, the shared album “Wedding Dress” by Fawn Spots and Cum Stain. You heard.

I couldn’t stay there forever, if only because there was more to explore. Good old Google turned me towards Attic Records, up two stories above a hairdressers in Patrick Pool. Once I got in there I have to admit to coming over all shy in that tiny room, feeling intimidated (without reason) by the happily ensconced, presumably regular, customers. Once I found an old R.E.M. single, (“Crazy” (b/w “Wendell Gee”) since you ask, sleeveless, sadly), I soon relaxed and got chatting to the guy running the shop – as it turns out he’s in a band too, Asio’s Eyes – and he sold me Boss Caine‘s “The Rhythm and the Rhyme” and a demo by Muttley. Tremendous !

Having gathered all this bounty (reviews reviews reviews to come !) there was only one thing to do – fall out of the Attic Records staircase and over the narrow Patrick Pool into the delightful Pivni where I had the absolute joy of The Times crossword, a glass of Gaffel Kölsch, a glass of Brew Punk’s IPA is Dead El Dorado, and a glass of Buxton Brewery’s Moor Top. Heavenly. What a beautiful afternoon. Thanks York !

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