News: Irish Singer-Songwriter Samuel Blaney Shares Captivating, Haunting & Beautiful Debut ‘Ember’

Irish Singer-Songwriter Samuel Blaney shares the captivating, haunting debut single ‘Ember’.

Weaving a tender soundscape built around fingerpicked acoustic guitar, his beautifully silky vocals, poetic lyricism, ‘Ember’ delivers subtly and beauty despite its stripped structure. As the track grows, layers of elegant vocal harmonies, subtle bass and a deep, crunching synth enter, reinforcing the tracks effortless impact.

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding him in Ireland and Western California, Samuel delivers soul-stirring, romantic lyrics which dance with a captivating sense of honesty across his delicate musical arrangements.

Talking about his writing style, Samuel Blaney explains how the organic moments of connection between himself and the world around him influenced the formation of both this debut single and his upcoming releases – in fact often recording with a freeing spontaneity, and allowing the natural sounds of the world outside to sneak their way into his recordings: “The songs were usually written in one takes, recorded at dawn. Sometimes from a dream or vivid image, they are held together by the surrounding landscape which was silent and spacious. No lyric was prepared or written in advance; allowing a searching and vulnerability to form. The songs are tender because there was little outside noise, other than the birds and animals.”

Samuel Blaney’s stunning debut ‘Ember’ captures an alluring air of both Jeff Buckley within his fragile delivery but also John Martin, with a recording process and free writing style reminiscent of ‘Small Hours’.

Listen to ‘Ember’ below:

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