Premiere: Me Lost Me announces new album ‘RPG’ and shares ‘Eye Witness’

Welcome back Jayne Dent! From Newcastle, you may know her a little better as Me Lost Me, and she’s back with new music from her electro-folk project, on the heels of October’s ‘Seedlings/Daydreaming’ single. This time, it’s the lead single from a new record – and we’re premiering the video!

Dent’s third album is called RPG, its title drawn from the feeling of roleplaying she gets from writing songs. We’ve got a bit to wait until the full thing lands, but in the meantime, the first song to be lifted from it is the haunting ‘Eye Witness’.

Dent expanded on the meaning behind this song for us, here’s the full quote: “‘Eye Witness” is a song that takes a memory from my first job at a nightclub – a fight I witnessed between two men on an infinity mirrored staircase – and expands on it, using it as a way to talk about ideas of masculinity, aggression and the way history repeats and perpetuates itself. The song features samples that are supposed to feel like breaking glass, the clarinet is imitating an emergency vehicle siren and there are moments of synchronisation among the vocals, beats and double bass, which are then immediately torn apart again. I really wanted the arrangement and the music video to echo this disorientating, infinitely repeating mirror dimension in which the characters are trapped – expanding out either side of themselves and forever falling down the staircase. Artist Joshua Roland made the music video – I’ve wanted to work with them for a while and this song seemed like the perfect opportunity. They did such an incredible job of encapsulating the themes and mood of the song, it’s so eerie and evocative.”

Eerie and evocative indeed, the video is a real trip that’s perfectly suited to the subject matter. We’ve got your first look below; RPG arrives on Friday July 7th via Upset the Rhythm.

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