SEE: M83’s Jordan Lawlor steps out on his own with J. Laser EP

FORMERLY a member of French shoegazers-turned synth-wielding dreampop angels M83, Jordan Lawlor has stepped outside the fold with a bright new EP, J Laser, due for release on June 26th.

The first song from the five-tracker, “Sunshine”, a glimmering slice of halcyon synth shimmer, was well received; and now another track from the EP, the sleepy haze of “Orpheus”, has been given a suitably dreamy optic interpretation by Japanese director Yoshi Sodeoka, who has previously worked with Tame Impala and Yeasayer.  

The EP continues in the vein of drowsy fellow travellers such as Jordan’s previous band, mid-period Air and Beach House, with warm swathes of sound fused with an ear for a high-pop melody.

He says: “My goal was to create a continuous bath of psychedelic sound, some of it ethereal and pleasant and other moments dark and foreboding, just like the many states of the mind.

“While recording, I looked for sounds that would transport me to altered states and fantasy realms as my starting point for each track.” 

J. Laser is just the first in a series of EPs to be released this year.

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