See: Oscar Jerome releases new video for ‘Sun for Someone’

Future soul/jazz superstar, Kokoroko member and Trinity Laban-trained classical guitarist Oscar Jermone release a new video/single Sun For Someone. It’s a commentary on climate change and environmental activism and comes as Oscar completes work on his hotly anticipated debut album, out later in the year via Caroline International.

Sun for Someone is this fantastic slice of brit jazz / soul, underpinned by this noodling guitar line as Jerome lays down the soul with his smoky vocal, sometimes playing his guitar lines along with the melodies, Benson style, sometimes interjecting between the lines, with these vocal harmonies sprawling over the top of the track, making it even more lovable.

Check out the video, making like I would sincerely love to in my local working mens club, although never quite have the nerve (or the moves) to.

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