Premiere: The hyperkinetic Radio Free Alice provide us with an exclusive look at their new video for the heady joys of single ‘I Gotta (Fall In Love)’.

Feature Photograph: Curtis Cloake

Last month we brought you news of the delightfully snotty young band Radio Free Alice‘s signing to the tremendous Double Drummer label and cast an ear over their frenetic and heart-racing single ‘I Gotta Fall (In Love)’. I described the single as being a breath of fresh air in the current climes – full throttle rock with a leather-jacketed sneer. Now the band has released a video for the track which we are inordinately proud to premiere here at Backseat Mafia.

Front man Noah Learmonth says of the track: 

‘I Gotta (Fall In Love)’ is a song about feeling awkward at bad nightclubs and wanting to fall in love. It’s about the frustrations we feel towards the act of communicating who we truthfully are to those we are attracted to.

If the track itself is a defibrillator-like shot to the system, the video turns up the voltage. It is an enthralling snapshot of a bacchanalian life observed by the band with all its sneering and louche disdain, with just a hint of yearning. It’s like all those parties we attended in our youth where all one could do is observe the joy of others. Parties, alcohol, smoking and snogging – and the painful absence of the latter while everyone else is at it – is wrapped up in a frustrated barrage of guitars and drums and a sardonic distant delivery.

Directed by Angie Kilsby, this video is a palimpsest for youthful frustration and desire that bleeds into every angry note:

‘I Gotta (Fall In Love)’ is out now though Double Drummer and available through all the usual download and streaming sites. This is a band that has a semi-trailer full of attitude and the chops to deliver the required level of sneery bravado that reanimates the often turgid corpse of rock’n’roll.

Radio Free Alice have a support gig for The Reytons coming up on Friday, 17 March 2023 – tickets available here.

Feature Photograph: Curtis Cloake

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