Film Review: Salt in My Soul

More than 30,000 people are living with cystic fibrosis in the US today. It’s a hereditary disease which is usually diagnosed at birth, causing sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system. This leads to lung infections and problems with digesting food. Only roughly half of those born with this condition are expected to live past forty and, while medical advancements are extending life expectancy all the time, there is no cure.

Mallory Smith was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of three. During childhood, she contracted a superbug for which there is no cure; realising for the first time that she wouldn’t live a full life. This didn’t stop Mallory making the most of every opportunity, whether that was school, college, sports, love, hobbies or work. She sadly lost her battle at the age of 25, but after her death it was discovered that she’d been keeping a secret diary. This was posthumously published and forms the basis for Salt in My Soul.

Salt in My Soul is a profoundly powerful documentary which is both incredibly moving and ultimately life-affirming. While the inevitable is always lurking in the shadows, the strength of Will Battersby’s film is the focus on celebrating life. Mallory chose to concentrate on the positives. To live her life to the full and not let cystic fibrosis stop her achieving the things she wanted. While she eventually loses this battle, as Salt in My Soul demonstrates, Mallory made the most of every moment.

Salt in My Soul will be released at Cinema Village, NYC and Laemmle Royal, LA on 21 January. This will be followed by a VOD release in the US, Canada. UK, Ireland and key territories on 25 January.

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