Track: Rosie Alena releases beguiling new single, Adore Me

Photo Credit: Camilla Simmons

Emerging from the depths of south London comes one of the most promising new artists Rosie Alena, who’s unleashed her newest offering, an emotive piece of art-pop that is ‘Adore Me’; available now via untitled recs.

Rosie Alena apparently has a boundless capacity to spawn celestial, grandiose cinematic stunners and ‘Adore Me’ is another piece of elegant excellence. Previous singles have included more multi-instrumentation, yet with Rosie’s vocals that sound like they’ve come straight out of the heavenly plains itself and a beguiling piano, ‘Adore Me’ captures the essence of vulnerability. In a world of social media and living our lives within the cyber system, and the deafening white noise which becomes a breeding ground for anxiety to manifest, the serene intensity of ‘Adore Me’ encapsulates the anguish of the solitude of living in a realm where those with the most likes reign supreme.

On the single itself, Rosie Alena explains, “I wanted “Adore me” to command attention whilst also maintaining a sense of vulnerability. For me the song represents the desire to present a perfect lifestyle; controlling how we are perceived by others. Life’s a show and we all play our part. We all yearn to be adored.”

Listen now and keep Rosie Alena on your radar, as there’s no doubt that the artist is one of the finest new acts to emerge from the country in a while.\

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