Premiere: Red Sun Radio release the beautifully melancholy ‘Surrender’

New York City’s Red Sun Radio are back with a new single, and we’re delighted to be able to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the track, vocalist Azan told us exclusively  “Releasing this song a year after I wrote it is really a full circle moment for me. At that time I was in such a vulnerable place and writing these lyrics was a cathartic practice. The second verse “I’m giving all my light to dying flames, cause in the dark it just don’t feel the same”, is a very real feeling for me and for many. Sometimes love is so blinding that you accept less than you deserve and end up hurting yourself just so that you don’t have to feel alone – and ultimately let go of the “potential” of a relationship. To me, surrendering is taking off the rose colored glasses, choosing yourself, and moving on, even if in a reluctant and melancholy tone.

If there’s a more laid back, soaked in tears record released at the moment we’d like to hear it. Sitting in a gently swaying groove, all gritty guitar lines and gentle swathes of synth chords, Azan’s incredible soulful vocal sits on top as it laps at your ears.
Fall for it, here

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