DVD Review: Technotise: Edit & I

Technotise: Edit & I

Ever since Akira became a huge hit, futuristic sci-fi animation has proved popular both in Japan and in the West. There have been some great examples of forward thinking and invention including Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade, Cowboy Bebop, Avalon and particularly Ghost in the Shell. Whilst most films come out of East Asia, there are many smaller studios around the world. Technotise Edit & I was made by a small studio in Belgrade and it’s an impressive first outing.

The year is 2074, the setting is Belgrade. After failing the same exam for the sixth time, young psychology student Edit goes to a black market dealer to get a chip installed to help her pass. At the same time she takes on a job at a research lab taking care of an autistic maths genius called Abel. Professor Dorijević hopes she can get through to him to help them solve a formula which would make machines self-aware. When Edit’s chip helps her figure it out it puts her life in danger.

Technotise Edit & I is an impressive debut which bodes well for their future output. There’s nothing especially eye-catching in the film but its strength lies in a clever plot full of inventive ideas. Adapting the film from his own graphic novel, director Aleksa Gajic uses his experience of visual composition to bring the action to live in vivid colour. With its unique Balkan take on proceedings Technotise Edit & I is an innovative new voice in futuristic animation.

Technotise: Edit & I is released on DVD by Simply Media on Monday.

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