Virginia prog rock band Valkyrie have released a second song from their forthcoming album, ‘Fear’.

“‘The Choice,’ while based on some personal struggles I’ve faced over the last few years, is largely about honoring your self worth enough to have confidence in your decisions and see things through,” explains singer/guitar player Jake Adams.

 “While I wrote the words, Pete wrote all the riffs on this one and what I love about the song is that the riffs really harken back to our youth in the ‘90s – when music was heavy but still had great melody. This song has lots of dimensions to it and really expands the palette that we traditionally work from.”

Although rooted in classical rock sounds, The Choice covers a broad spectrum taking in prog rock, stoner metal and even hints of indie at times. And a very unique choice of vocal delivery for something in these waters.

‘Fear’ is due out July 24th on Relapse, available on CD/LP/Digital.