Track: Calvero unveils the lush dream pop single ‘Black Rain’

Gabe Liebowitz, the artist behind the name Calvero, makes no bones about his love for Celtic dream pop icon Enya, and you can see this seep into his gorgeous, expansive single ‘Black Rain’. Layers upon layers of vocal tracks add a celestial dimension to the song that is pure unadulterated pop with its sweeping strings and immersive melodies.

On the origins of the project name Calvero, Liebowitz makes a very strong argument about something I’ve always believed: creativity does not have a use by date:

I’ve been making music for a long time. Almost 20 years. I actually almost quit at one point, maybe about 6 years ago, just because I was in my late twenties, hadn’t seen much success and couldn’t see a way forward. Then on a whim, I saw this Charlie Chaplin movie called Limelight. He plays a clown named Calvero who had some attention during the vaudeville era, but ever since the rise of movies, has been struggling. However, he never stopped being a clown! Because that’s just what he does, he’s a clown. 

That film was so moving and such a lightswitch moment for me, and really inspired me to keep going. I was determined to reinvent myself with the name Calvero, in honor of the film that reminded me there’s no expiration date for art exactly when I needed to hear it. And I’m really thankful that I did, because with Black Rain, I feel like I’m just starting to figure out something that feels truly my own, and I’m so excited for all the music to come.

This is stirring stuff and is matched by the vitality and effervescence of the track:

You can get the single through the link above or download/stream here.

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