Track: Drew Davies – The Comeback

Stephanie Zapolska

Drew Davies has shared his new single titled ‘The Comeback’. The track is taken from his forthcoming second album ‘Holloway Nights’.

Speaking on the track Drew tells us:

“The Comeback was written during as I emerged from a particularly hard time in my life; it’s a cry for freedom and an anthem for regaining control of your own destiny.

I wanted the song to sound powerful and to hit hard on one hand; whilst wrapping the other arm around you; in a bid to encapsulate both the defiance and hope in the music…I was living opposite Joe Meek’s old Telstar studio on Holloway Road, London; and one night I felt inspired to run a DX7 through an old bass amp in the corner. When I heard the sound pulsating out I knew this was the strident sound I’d been looking for.”

With an 80s percussive vibe the track slides into life with a low grating guitar riff that supports Davies and his gruff vocals. Coloured by high pitched synths that track explodes on the chorus. The track oozes a uniquely cinematic brilliance that is echoed by the video and is finished off by a full on rock guitar solo from Chris Haddleton.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Davies’s Website or Facebook

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