Track: Wingz Of The Monkey – Stood Up

Katy Gettings

Following on from their wah-gasmic single “The Accuser” Wingz of the Monkey are ready to unleash their second release of 2024. ‘Stood up’ is one of the first songs the band wrote while still at school. Still, all 18 or under ‘Stood Up’ has had a few lyric changes along the way to its current form, but the lively arrangement has remained.

The enraged delivery of the lyrics transmits that gut-wrenching belly of anguish when you want something or someone so bad, only for it to fail and feel the spark bleed from one’s attraction. The band adds, “Well, it’s about being stood up, isn’t it”

Sounding like something off a Stooges album, ‘Stood Up’ is raw rock done in this bands blistering chaotic punk style. Whether it’s the brilliance of the over-the-top screeching solo, the 40-a-day Iggy Pop vocals or the thunderous bass, there is something to like for anyone on this track, and this is a band that everyone should love. They really have no right to be this good at such a young age.

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