Track: Metronomy melt hearts with new track and video, With Balance (feat. Naima Bock and Joshua Idehen)

Photo Credit: Lewis Khan

Metronomy, those masters of eclectic indie-electronic pop, have embarked on a new musical adventure with their upcoming ‘Posse EP Volume 2’, set to drop on July 12th via perennial BM favourites Ninja Tune. Joe Mount, the creative force behind Metronomy, takes on the role of producer extraordinaire, crafting a musical playground where new voices can meld with his celebratory instrumentals.

Their latest release, “With Balance (feat. Naima Bock and Joshua Idehen),” is a mesmerizing ballad that delicately weaves guitars and hazy vocal lines into a tapestry of sound, with bass synths and sweeping chords guiding you through a musical journey. Joshua Idehen’s deep, laid-back rhymes effortlessly complement the diverse range of styles, resulting in a truly beautiful sonic experience.

To top it all off, the accompanying official video—helmed by the creative minds at Wieden+Kennedy, Immigrant Studio, and Wake The Town—is a visual treat that complements the song’s ethereal vibe. With Metronomy at the helm, unique voices converge in harmony, creating music that is as captivating as it is innovative. So, let yourself be swept away by “With Balance” and join Metronomy on their enchanting musical odyssey.

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