News: Eora/Sydney’s inimitable Marilyn Maria have made you a cathartic ‘Self Help Tape’ and unveil launch date.

Feature Photographer: Taj Minter

With a name that reflects an eternal dichotomy between the sacred and the profane, Eora/Sydney post punk troop Marilyn Maria have released their new fantastic single ‘Self Help Tape’ ahead of a launch tomorrow night (27 April 2024).

A bass that eviscerates the spine heralds squalling guitars and a machine gun rattle as the rocket launches. This is a powerful, hypnotic track that positively shimmers and pogoes its way into your head. The vocal delivery in the verse casts a knowing glance towards Devo while the chorus swerves into a more melodic lane with a post punk anthemic blast. This is pulse-quickening stuff, with touches of fellow antipodeans A. Swayze and the Ghosts and Johnny Hunter’s swagger and attitude.

‘Self Help Tape’ is out now and available through the link above and all the usual streaming sites.

We will be premiering a video for this tasty treat next week but you can catch the single launch tomorrow at the legendary Marrickville Bowling Club in Eora/Sydney – see below with tickets and more details available here.

Feature Photographer: Taj Minter

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