Track: Seymour Shares Moody New Single ‘Voicenote Monologue’

London based alternative-pop artist Seymour shares the moody, reflective new single ‘Voicenote Monologue’. Opening with tight clean production allowing the tight bass and shimmering guitar chords to shine with a sound thats comparable to Artic Monkey’s ‘I Wanna Be Yours’, the track sets a dark, brooding and alternative tone under the story telling lyricism that weave a tale of emotional betrayal.

Taking an unexpected turn into the chorus, as subtle synths arpeggios enter, the chords take on a more straight distorted tone as the vocals soar into a euphoric and resilient lead line.

Speaking about the track, Seymour explains: ”The song talks about my experience with a friend who I had spent years opening up to and supporting only to find out they’d been talking about my private life to other people. The lyrics discuss how I felt betrayed yet stupid for falling for their years of manipulation and how much I regretted all the energy I had spent supporting them over the years. The song builds in the bridge to show the cathartic feeling of knowing I was free of this friendship that wasn’t real, and the quiet ending suggests how I’ve let go of the hurt and how I’m moving on from the situation. The drum and bass parts were recorded live in Strongroom studios by my friends Leah and Maz and another friend, Kav was my recording engineer. Patch Chiverton, a close friend of mine produced and mixed this song which made it the powerful cathartic song it is and another close friend AJ Ruiz was my master engineer.”

Listen below:

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