Track: The magnificent Thrillhouse are back with a sparkling new single ‘It’ll Be Alright In The End’ and news of an EP ‘Wedding Disco’

The eternally enigmatic Thrillhouse have returned to the fray with another stylistic and cool track ‘It’ll Be Alright In The End’ and, as a shocking addendum, news that they will be releasing a full EP entitled ‘Wedding Disco’. The Brighton band have thrilled with a series of utterly brilliant singles – nine or so – over the past 18 months -which present one of the most unique sounds around – a mixture of Talking Heads, Arcade Fire with an alien day-glo mysterious presence.

Infusing elements of funky, prog rock, eighties synths and a contemporary verve, their new single ‘It’ll Be Alright In The End’ continues their run with aplomb. A motorik beat, eighties synths and the unique wry delivery features half spoken words, a slightly tongue in cheek tone and sharp-edged lyrics. Singer Sam says of the track:

‘It’ll All Be Alright In The End’ is me looking back at all the rubbish choices I’ve made in the past and then singing about them publicly. Kinda regret that now. In fact, that could be considered my most recent rubbish choice. All my fears and anxieties come out in the shower for some reason, which is very annoying because I like showering. I usually end one of these showers by comforting myself saying ‘It’ll All Be Alright In The End’. I’m not entirely sure what I mean when I say it but it seems to make me feel better.

The result is a crystalline delight:

With the release of a full band photo a clear move towards general marketing and promotion, the band will also release their debut EP ‘Wedding Disco’ on 26 November 2021. The band says:

‘Wedding Disco’ is essentially a concept EP; songs that’d fit in nicely at an 80s wedding party… but really it was just an excuse for us to write big cheesy tunes. We produced and mixed it ourselves which, turns out, is a hellish experience
that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy, but we’re happy with how it’s come out.

With this self-deprecatory sense of humour matched with an astonishing level of musicianship and songwriting, these are indeed exciting times. It is time that Thrillhouse received a lot more attention for their incredible music. You can pre save the EP here.

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