Track: Icon Of Sin – Cimmerian

Brazilian rockers Icon Of Sin have announced the upcoming release of their sophomore album ‘Legends’, due the 4th of August. The band have shared the video for the first single taken from the album, ‘Cimmerian’.

“I’m living exciting times,” declares guitarist Marcelo Gelbcke. “Icon Of Sin, along with Landfall and Stormwarning, is one of my homes! I’ve always treated this band like one of my babies, and to consider it my official Heavy Metal band and becoming a real full member is so cool! I really love playing music with these talented guys and believe this current line-up is absolutely killer! I’ve been dreaming about this album for a long time, since we started writing it! Sharing it with the world is so exciting! I consider Legends to be the best music I’ve written with Sergio so far! Get ready, Metalheads!”
“I think this album is a higher level, a perfect evolution from the first,” continues Sergio Mazul, who wrote all of the album’s lyrics and co-produced Legends with along with Gelbcke. “More epic inspirations for lyrics and melodies, powerful chorus and tons of pure Heavy Metal guitar riffs. I’m sure that any kind of Metal fan–from the old school headbanger to the new generation of metalheads–will find this album a must and enjoy each one of the songs. Also, it’s one of my best musical works so far! I always give my soul in Semblant, StormWarning, and Icon Of Sin, and I’m really proud of the results that we reached. With Marcelo now part on the line-up, we have a killer live band ready to strike the stages around the globe.”
“I think we did great work in this album,” concludes singer Raphael Mendes, “we found the essence of Icon Of Sin and we have evolved our music. People will listen to it and will know that is Icon Of Sin. Legends is a strong album and it has great potential. I am really happy with the songs in this album. I can say that there is more variety than our debut album. There are a couple of songs that will make people blown away, they will love it.”

Cimmerian is a scorching track to kick things off for the bands second album. There’s no missing those power vocals that ring out over a bed of traditional guitar melting thrash. The track has everything a traditional metal head requires, the face melting fret work, a full on drumming workout that begs a spot of head banging thats all topped by some heroic sounding vocals to lead the charge.

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  1. Cimmerian
  2. Night Force
  3. The Scarlet Gospels
  4. In The Mouth Of Madness
  5. Heart Of The Wolf
  6. Bare Knuckle
  7. Wheels Of Vengeance
  8. Clouds Over Gotham Pt.2 – The Arkham Knight
  9. Terror Games
  10. Black Sails And Dark Waters
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