Track: Alisa Xayalith (from New Zealand’s The Naked and Famous) unveils anthemic and powerful debut solo single ‘High Fidelity’.

Feature Photograph: Lissyelle Laricchia

One of New Zealand’s most fabulous exports, The Naked and Famous, exploded on to the international scene with some stunning indie pop singles and albums and some blistering live shows (see video for ‘Young Blood’ here). While the band is currently in hiatus, singer Alisa Xayalith (now based in Los Angeles) has just released a euphoric and anthemic track ‘High Fidelity’, showcasing her gorgeous velvet vocals and ear for indelible pop melodies.

Xayalith says of the track, which blossomed during Zoom sessions:

I spent hours learning how to vocal produce my own vocal, learning how to use Logic and create my own demos. I guess the pandemic pushed me to become as self-sufficient as possible in the studio. I’m still a work in progress but I’m proud of the ground I’ve laid for myself so far.

The release follows a intense journey for Xayalith, detailed in her Instagram page, filled with doubt, introspection and personal growth as a solo artist, but the ultimate reward is the result: this is a glorious track filled with a sense of joy and yet touched with a scintilla of melancholy (the perfect ingredients for any pop song).

The accompanying video was shot on 16mm film in the small Californian town of Lone Pine, which is famously known for its history of filming western cowboy movies, making for the perfect backdrop. Xayalith says:

There’s a sense of elation and freedom in this music video that captures the essence of feeling in love again.

Mesmerising and empowering stuff:

This is an impressive debut and seemingly a natural supplement to The Naked and Famous. It comes off Xayalith’s forthcoming EP, which she describes as:

Dreamy, moody and romantic, through a colourful vintage lens. I wanted to create a world I could escape in and reflect how I want to be seen. This project has given me permission to explore and write love songs the way I’ve always wanted to. So I felt it was fitting to release ‘High Fidelity’ first.

‘High Fidelity’ is available to download and stream here. It was was co-written with Sophie Hintze and Doug Schadt and produced by Schadt, Tyler Spry and NZ-born, US-based producer Simon Oscroft (formerly of Midnight Youth).

Feature Photograph: Lissyelle Laricchia

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