Track: Heligoland teams up with She Owl to cover John Martyn track ‘Please Fall In Love With Me’ with a delicious dream pop sparkle.

Paris-based Australian dream pop outfit Heligoland have teamed up with Italian dark folk duo She Owl to cover a lesser known John Martyn track ‘Please Fall In Love With Me’, and the result is something quite splendid.

Karen Vogt from Heligoland came across the track while undertaking a deep dive of John Martyn’s oeuvre and invited She Owl to contribute, with a shine and polish from Cocteau Twins maestro Robyn Guthrie‘s production skills.

Vogt’s delicious ethereal vocals provide a moving rendition, giving a heavenly force to Martyn’s lyrics with the instrumentation delicate and gentle: dappling piano and splashing guitars flowing over a restrained syncopation. The echoing choral backing adds an enigmatic layer. The yearning vocals pleading ‘please fall in love with me‘ is immensely moving: with the contribution by She Owl’s Jolanda Moletta on vocals and piano and Demian Endian adding guitars and backing vocals.

The track fades with the repeated line ‘I want to fall in love with the world, I want the world to fall in love‘ leaving the listener transformed by the beauty and expression in the delivery. A refreshing sentiment for troubled times.

‘Please Fall In Love With Me’ is available through the link below and from the usual streaming and downloading sites.

Keep an eye out for our exclusive unveiling of a new video at the end of the week for the track ‘Hypnagogia’ from ‘The Sweet Wait’, Vogt’s collaboration with Pepo Galán.

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