Premiere: Tropic – Lights Out (Redux)

Tropic – aka Brooklyn based duo Jo-B Sebastian and DJ Phuse say out their new single – Lights Out (Redux), premiering today her on Backseat Mafia “Our new single is a warm, simmering electronic-R&B tribute to the rollercoaster ride that is getting over a breakup. Reimagining a single we released last year, we teamed up with Brooklyn-based bassist, Daniel Durst, infusing the track with a funky bass-line backbone.”

The sense of heartbreak purveys the song, despite it’s heart-stopping, bubbling modern funk/R&B overtones. the stop-start nature of the accompaniment allows the track, and vocals, space and add gto the emotive nature of it. Best of all though is it’s wrapped up in smoky, instantly loveable tunes that’ll brighten these long, social-distancing days.

Check it out, here

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