Say Psych: Track: Orchids – Dead Keys/Another Way

Montreal’s Orchids are joining the EXAG family, and what better way to celebrate with a single that perfectly combines shoegaze distortions with psychedelic synths into strong songs reminiscing of the early Verve and Ride’s psychedelic Britpop. Led by Alex Cyprine (ex Quetzal Snakes), orchids have been fussing around the Montreal rock’n’roll scene for more than a year, sharing the stage with Night Beats, High Dials, Scattered Clouds, Priors and others.

Fanatics of the shoegaze movement and britpop of the 90s, Orchids are a wall of sound. This band has found its soul halfway between guitar distortions and psychedelic synthesizer emulsions. The sound of Orchids, like a clear darkness, stands out by the association of its dark and luminous zones.

Orchids aren’t trying to be anything other than what they love, there is nothing unheard of, they’re simply a great rock’n’roll band that can write great tunes and choruses that will stick around your head for a while. Their first double single ‘Dead Keys/Another Day’ is scheduled for reason on 10 April on 7″ vinyl.

‘Dead Keys’ is one of those tracks that instantly grabs you, with a riff that lures you deeper. The thrall only deepens as the track progresses and for anyone who loves shoegaze or Britpop, you can’t go wrong with this track – it’s got it all. ‘Another Day’ is the perfect accompaniment and if these tracks don’t make you want to get up and dance, or alternatively laze in a park on a sunny day, listen to them until the do! They might possibly be one of the best bands you’ve never heard, until now …

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