Say Psych: Track: Black Rainbows – Radio 666

Italians Black Rainbows have recently announced the release of their eight studio album Cosmic Ritual Supertrip, to be released on Heavy Psych Sounds, and unveil new track ‘Radio 666’.

Recorded at Forward Studios in Rome on a Neve desk by Fabio Sforza, Cosmic Ritual Supertrip has a monolithic force; guitars, drums and bass are all glued together to give the listener a punch in the face! If you thought their 2018 LP Pandemonium was the heaviest, they could get, this eight full-length is about to turn your heads upside down for good. No matter how psychedelic the title reads, Cosmic Ritual Supertrip is nothing but straight-up, action-packed heavy rock’n’roll dripping with groove and BLACK RAINBOWS’ unrivalled expertise for bangers. One thing is for sure: the Italian have never sounded cooler.
The artwork was designed by Robin Gnista. 

“We chose Radio 666 as our sophomore single because it’s catchy, straight in your face and it has a cool vibe. It sounds like the soundtrack of a trip on the California coast in a cool Ford Mustang!” states frontman Gabriele Fiori. The track sits somewhere between stoner, space and psychedelic rock, having heavier moments but intricacies which will see it appeal to listeners from across the genres.

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