Live Review: Dope Lemon – The National Stadium, Dublin 27,08,2022

Angus Stone brought his latest band Dope Lemon to Dublin for the first time for a fantastic show at The National Stadium.

Nine twenty rolls in and an intro comes over the speakers and the band walk out , lights are low and backlit setting a perfect mood for the night. Angus walks on stage and the place erupts, the band open with Stonecutters and you can just feel the wave of chill drift out over the heads of all in attendance and its hard not to sway as I start taking photos.

It was How Many Times next taking from the same 2016 album as the opening song and that album being Honey Bones, the lighting is still low and backlit and red making from some great shadowy silhouetted figures on stage. After this Angus spoke briefly just to say ”Hi Dublin” and it was back to the Honey Bones album with Marinade.
The chords of Hey You start up the first song of the night from the second album Smooth Big Cat and the cheers from the crowd was deafening and I defy anyone not to move to this song. Throughout Hey You there were loud cheers and even louder at the end and for some reason some of the crowd started to chant Olay Olay Olay (something that’s always reserved till the encore break so was a little out of place)
Salt and Pepper was up next and if I thought the cheer was loud for the previous song well the roof got lifted, ending this song with only the guitarist under a single spotlight.

Its time for a track from the latest Rose Pink Cadillac album that being God’s Machete and its now I should mention another aspect of this show which is the large screen at the back of the stage showing some great visuals to accompany each song and for this song was no exception.
Some more brief talking brought us into Fuck Things Up and some more brief taking drifted into Hey Man, Don’t Look At Me Like That / Coyote.
Then came a favourite of mine the upbeat percussion and smooth vocals of Rose Pink Cadillac.
Uptown Folks / Home Soon ran us into the encore of Kids Fallin’ In Love and so came to an end a night of some great retro guitar riffs, sliding guitar licks and breezy melodies and don’t forget those smooth laid back vocals.
Come back soon guys Dublin wants some more of that smooth coastal rock!

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