Film Review: Bulletproof

Regardless of the current political climate, being a cop in a large American city is a difficult, and often dangerous, undertaking. Whilst there’s undoubtedly a huge problem with institutional racism, it’s certainly not an easy or simple job. This has been so thrillingly documented on film by the likes of Antoine Fuqua’s Training Day and David Ayer’s End of Watch. In Joel Souza’s new film, Bulletproof, a rookie has a baptism of fire on his first day.

Ray (Thomas Jane) is a grizzled LAPD officer who has spent what seems like a lifetime on the streets, dedicating his life to his work. He’s less than impressed when his new partner turns out to be a newbie, who is still green behind the ears. Nick Holland (Luke Kleintank) is relieved to get out from behind a desk and finally do some real police work. Desperate to escape the shadow of his father, Nick’s set for an experience he’s never likely to forget.

Taking place over the course of a day, Bulletproof is a tense and gritty crime drama which pulls no punches. Souza has created an immersive experience, and along with some great cinematography Thomas Scott Stanton, brings the sights and the sounds of downtown LA into your living room. Jane is excellent as the hardened beat cop, mixing cynicism with a surprising empathy. Bulletproof is a quick paced police drama which keeps you engrossed throughout.

Bulletproof is released on Digital HD by Signature Entertainment on 7 September and DVD on 14 September.  

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