Track: Van Zon – Cannon Fodder

Brooke Edwards

Forming just last June, Van Zon have quickly cemented their presence in the Brighton and London grassroots gig circuits,  selling out their first headline show at Brighton’s Green Door Store merely five months into their existence. Their debut track has arrived a startling 8-minute epic of experimental folk-tinged post-rock.

Executed with the intention of being the band’s opening mission statement, ‘Cannon Fodder’  also aims to reflect the voices of each of the group’s members, as they explain:

“Cannon Fodder represents our first year as a fully-formed band. It serves as a musical collage of each member of the group, taking all aspects of our influences and enabling them to co-exist. The lyricism concludes a narrative that stretches throughout the Van Zon discography; we’re beginning at the end.”

Sweetly natured with a gritty bite, Cannon Fodder is one hell of an introduction demonstrating a songwriting talent not usually displayed in a band’s debut single. Driven bass notes are layered with floating violin thats just on the right side of sane. Such an enjoyable listen. There is no telling what the band will deliver next, but it is guaranteed to be worth the wait.

Check it out, here

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