News: Falky Unleashes Infectious Indie-Pop Gem ‘You Time’

Rising Indie-Pop duo Falky are back with their latest single ‘You Time’, a mesmerizing blend of rock and indie-pop influences.

From the outset, ‘You Time’ captivates with its rock-infused guitar parts, melodic synths, and slick production. Falky effortlessly navigates through various genres, refusing to confine themselves to a specific style. Instead, they embrace experimentation, crafting a track that is both fresh and dynamic.

The track is irresistibly dance-worthy, transcending typical notions of pop and delivering a sonic experience that refuses to be underwhelming. With its infectious hooks and dynamic energy Falky has found the perfect balance between rock and pop influences, creating a sound that appeals to both audiences without losing its edge.

Reflecting on the track Falky states “The track started as a somewhat negative song called ‘Me Time’ about a relationship where one side wants some time to themselves. After joking about wanting to make the song sound “sexier,” we decided to change the whole premise to ‘You Time.’ So instead of someone wanting time away from their partner, the song became about someone who wanted more time with a potential partner.”

Listen below

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