Track: White Stones – D-Generación

Sandra Artigas

White Stones, the band led by Opeth bassist Martín Mendéz, will release their third studio album, ‘Memoria Viva’, on June 28th via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM). The progressive masters have now launched a second teaser of the Spanish-dominated offering with the new track ‘D-Generación’.

The line-up has been enhanced with the participation of the multi-faceted Joan Carles Marí Tur on drums. The guitar solos were the job of João Sassetti. Additional guests José Ignacio Lagos (flute) and Joakim Svalberg (keyboards) accentuated the album further with their sound facets.

Epic growls and some classic rock styling are encased in a groovy riff. White Stones is that favourite band you wish you had found on album number one. Luckily enough, they are still creating epic sounds on album three. There is plenty to catch up on.

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