Track: Mako Bron may have ‘Left This Town’ but the trademark soaring melodies and dreamy pop remain, ahead of debut album ‘Halfway Home’.

We have been long terms fans of whom we consider to be the criminally underrated Mako Bron (the working title for Sydney’s Chris Brookman) and he has upped the ante with the new single ‘Left This Town’.

The song was written after Brookman visited his home town – saying:

…it’s a song about growing up, moving on and accepting the things we can’t change.

As is Mako Bron’s way, it is a poignant reflective track imbued with a sense of personal history and delivered with a sparkling pop sensibility replete with sky-scraping anthemic choruses and crisp shimmering instrumentation. The lyrics are drenched in melancholia, with a heart breaking honesty:

All the sorrow and the down
You left this town
Left a hole in the ground
All the dead ends and frowns
Broken little town
All the love in the world couldn’t keep you around

This is another stunning piece of music both in terms of songwriting, musicianship and production – noting that Brookman plays every instrument and records and produces his own tracks, with mixing and mastering by Jason Boshoff:

‘Left This Town’ is out today and available to download and stream here with the new debut album ‘Halfway Home’ completed and due for release very soon. Brookman cites his influences as including The Smiths and The Cure and he is a big fan of Australian acts like The Go-Betweens, The Triffids, and Died Pretty. He has, however, crafted his own inimitable style and is a part of what I call The Marrickville Sound: a renaissance of creativity.

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