News: Fire From The Gods have Announced The Release Of A Digital Deluxe Version Of Their Acclaimed 2022 Album ‘Soul Revolution’


“We live in a world of illusion these days. The world, at times, doesn’t even seem real. If you don’t want to play the game, everyone looks at you like you’re crazy,” says alt-metal group Fire From The Gods vocalist AJ Channer. 
Fire From The God’s thought-provoking track ‘Double Edged Sword’ tackles modern-day society’s self-righteousness and insincere leanings. The Austin, TX-based band has collaborated with vocalist Jayden Panesso of NYC metalcore outfit Sylar to add further vigour to the Track. They have also shared a lyric video for the collaborative track, which is included on their forthcoming digital deluxe version of 2022’s Soul Revolution, Soul Revolution – The Collabs.

Watch the lyric video for “Double Edged Sword (feat. Jayden Panesso of Sylar), below:

 “We are viewing our world through a very narrow scope,” says Channer. “We are out of touch with reality or what real life looks like. Some don’t understand it nor want any part of it. When you don’t want to join the proverbial party you get treated like a pariah.  Then everyone comes up with a cheeky buzzword to describe you which causes further division. Double Edged sword.”
Due May 31 via Better Noise Music, Soul Revolution Deluxe – The Collabs version will include five new tracks: a cover of Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Guerilla Radio’ and four refreshed fan-favorite tracks with featured guests including Nate Vickers, Corey Glover (Living Colour), Yung Mo$h, and the above-mentioned Jayden Panesso (Sylar). Soul Revolution’s songs explored themes of self-realization and discovery amidst personal revolution, motherhood, and resilience. It was co-produced by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Motionless In White, Panic! At The Disco) and Fire From The God’s drummer Richard Wicander.

Pre-order’s the album here.

1.    Soul Revolution (feat. Yung Mo$h) 
2.    SOS (feat. Nate Vickers)
3.    Thousand Lifetimes (feat. Corey Glover of Living Colour)
4.    Double Edged Sword (feat. Jayden  Panesso of Sylar)
5.    I N I 
6.    Be Free
7.    The Message
8.    World So Cold 
9.    Rapture (Fool Dem)
10.   Collapse
11.   8 Billion Rats
12.   Love Is Dangerous
13.   Guerrilla Radio (Rage Against The Machine cover)

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