Track: Darkthrone – His Masters Voice

Jørn Steen

To celebrate the release of the new Darkthrone album, Eternal Hails, out now via Peaceville Records, the band have shared the album’s opening track ‘His Masters Voice’.

Fenriz explains

“As I write lyrics that have a life on their own these days (again), there is no concept of them to match the songs themselves. The lyrics collect dust while we make the songs, and then Ted needs the lyrics for his vocals in the studio and he gets them then. So I have no idea what song is going to be called what until I come back to the studio after the vocals are done. Again, with us it is coincidental. The lyrics did not inspire any of the songs or songwriting. When we make the songs it is a matter of just trusting our lives in heavy metal and – BOOM! – create, create, create, and then put the pieces together.

Thunderous drumming, speed riffing and harsh evil tinged vocals. A tour de force of buzzing guitars that create an addictive metal mash with the bass turned up to eleven. This is low down dirty metal with a mellowed sinister twist which wrings you out and leaves you worn out but wanting more.

Check it out, here

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