Track: Richter Scales – Silver Cutlery and Paper Plane

Richter Scales are a chick-rock band formed in 2020 in Moscow. The band was formed by guitar virtuoso Pavel Semiletkov (he writes music) and ex-russian burlesque queen Al.Ice (Alice Shpiller, she writes lyrics). The band have released two singles so far, ‘Silver Cutlery’ and ‘Paper Plane’ with another one coming next month.

All out rock on ‘Silver Cutlery’ with dreamy guitar notes on the verses. Shpiller comes out all Rock Goddess on the choruses. ‘Paper Plane’ takes a step back with a solid groove and a cool instrumental break. Shpiller takes charge with a confident performance on both tracks with plenty of sneers and raspy moments giving the tracks some bite.

Check out Silver Cutlery and Paper Plane, below:

Paper Plane

Find out more via the bands Facebook

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