Track: Priest – Strong Hearts

Priest (formerly XPriestX) released a brilliant EP, ‘Samurai’ from which we reviewed a couple of singles at Backseat Mafia last year as well as the EP itself. I feel guilty I have missed out on reviewing a few more recent singles that have since been released and that are going to be on their self-titled debut album, out on 5 May. I will make amends, however, by drawing your attention to their latest release, ‘Strong Hearts’.

This is eighties electro pop at its finest – muscular instrumentals and floating candy-floss vocals imbued with a sense of deep yearning that wrenches at your heart:

As for the previous, singles, it’s not too late to catch up. The Game is a more up tempo pop song but again has Priest’s hallmark vocals – so pretty and ethereal yet so melancholic and dark:

Broken has a haunting edge with it’s slightly atonal start but with a chorus as heavenly as it is edged with a heart-breaking sadness:

Priest produce what can only be described as beautiful music that makes you yearn for something intangible – a sense of loss and sadness wrapped in such an enthralling package.

Priest are Madeline Priest and Dave Kazyk.

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