See: Rival Consoles release video for the bittersweet beauty of ‘Sudden Awareness of Now’

Taken from his forthcoming six-track album Articulation, out on 31st July via Erased Tapes, Rival Consoles – aka Ryan Lee West has released a new track, the album closer ‘Sudden Awareness of Now’.

Of the track, Lee says This is a song I created late at night, I wanted to make something full of momentum and mood. 
The bird song that appears at the beginning of the piece was actually a very late idea in the creating process. My studio is surrounded by a lot of trees and there is always bird song, which I love but normally don’t consider wanting to use in my music. However one day when I was working on the piece, I kept noticing that the birds, were singing perfectly in tune with the song, so much so that it sounded like one of the little melodies that appears at the end of the song. I quickly recorded it on my phone and it just felt right in the music. I think it grounds the song and also plays with the idea that at the beginning of the piece is bird song, and at the end of the piece is a kind of electronic bird song. 
The end is something I have been longing to make for a long time, which is the closest I have gotten to synths coming in and out of picture like choreography, the synths are having a conversation, and it’s very fluid. The mood of the piece to me, is a kind of bittersweet blend of hope and nostalgia.”

Effervescent synths fizz away at the beginning, building this sense of impending euphoria, mixed with a shade of melancholy, that perseveres throughout. as it unfurls though, so they slip in and out of consciousness, fading away and building back up into this gorgeous mass of weaving, electronic sound.

Check it out, here

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