Track: Alizarin – Heirloom and announce new album

Cinematic rock metallers Alizarin announce they will be releasing their second album “The Last Semblance” on July 10, 2020 and are excited to share the full length’s third single ‘Heirloom’. The track is one of the heavier, more energetic, and harder-hitting songs with some of the strongest vocal parts and strangest grooves on the album. 

Vocalist/guitarist Josh Kay explains the track in further detail:

“It is one of the most heavy-hitting, catchy, and melodic tunes that also captures many of the approaches we incorporate. “Heirloom” almost steps into power metal territory, while still holding a firm footing in groove-oriented progressive metal. Thematically, the song considers the timeline of humanity and our intellectual evolution. It looks at humans as emotionally charged and proud “adolescents” of sorts on this timeline, with a long way to go to find a more harmonious existence, if that time ever arrives. “

The songs structure and musicality fits so well in the prog bracket it could almost fit on a Rush album. Kay’s voice is unique and his vocal timbre allows his voice to cut through the music. There’s a great theme played via synth which runs through the track with the heavy elements brought by the guitar.

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Track Listing:
1. Elegy Simulacra (7:55)
2. Fathom (6:53)
3. A Wreath of Temperance (6:40)
4. Velvet Margin (5:12)
5. Heirloom (5:35)
6. Zero Sum (7:03)
7. Attenuation (10:36)
8. The Ivory Silo (8:48)

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