Track : Singer and harpist Moriah Bailey releases stunning ‘ So You Say ‘

Moriah Bailey- Photo Credit Lauren Reese
Moriah Smiley – So You Say

“”So you say…” emerged from a place of speaking and not being heard but also deeply struggling with mental health. ” Moriah Bailey

Singer-Songwriter and Harpist Moriah Bailey is one of those artists that come along and shows us that people still have authenticity. It’s imperative to know more about who this talented songstress is in order to full grasp the personal power of her music. She grew up in Oklahoma and is the daughter of a lesbian, leftist, liberation theology-influenced pastor/activist mother and a rural, conservative, creative and animal-loving father. Her family extended beyond her parents and their biological families; her family included the LGBTQ community that made up her mother’s church, women her mother dated, and people who lived with her family because they needed a place to go. Her first memories of live music were watching local, folk songwriters perform at coffee shops, community events, or protests. Bailey loved that music; it was clever, witty, personal, political, direct. Bailey’s music draws on these early influences but tends to be more indirect and metaphorical. Fast forward to the present day , Moira uses the harp, her chosen instrument as a way to really unearth each musical layer. She delves between the harmony and dissonance; the musical and personal dualities that make up any backbone of an artist, and ultimately, it is this ‘duality’ which makes her track even more appealing. She’s almost reconciling with her own past and the moment she chose to channel everything through her music. I can’t wait for her album .

” So You Say” is out now, released via keeled scales. If you’re headed this year to SXSW, she’ll be performing there on March 18th, Austin, TX @ Bethell Hall at St. David’s Episcopal Church

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