See: Bitter’s Kiss reveal new video for My God

“My God is my reaction to the irony in religious conflict” says New Jersey singer-songwriter Bitter’s Kiss, aka Chloe Baker of her new single, “Religious beliefs are most often promoted as ways to make us better people, but can also be used to justify violence against others, with both sides believing that God is on their side. The idea for the video was to show sameness and humanity in our different religious expressions.”

There’s a kookiness about the New Jersey indie pop act that manages to draw you in, particularly in her vocal which coos over the shuffling backing of My God. As well as the sentiment behind it, it gently rocks forward and back, built on this little piano line, but draped in backing vocals and with quirky little touches – the electronic brass sounds that turn things around at the end of the verses always brings a smile. Throw in the deliciously catchy melody and it looks like Bitter’s Kiss is very much on the rise right now.

Check out the beautifully shot accompanying video, here

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