Track : Cosmic Crooner is back – ” Reflexopolis “

Cosmic Crooner- Reflexopolis
Cosmic Crooner – Reflexopolis

The follow up to a string of successful singles, Cosmic Crooner continues his alluring thread with another lavished serenade. Leaning into the dogmatic quirks of 70s psychedelia and vintage decorum, Cosmic Crooner has noted that ‘Reflexopolis’ is his most reflective and cheerful piece to date. With this fourth release, Cosmic Crooner compliments ‘Reflexopolis’ with yet another striking music video. Shot entirely on 16mm film, the artistic display blends nostalgia and humorous sincerity within its grainy depictions, seeping with Cosmic Crooner’s amiable personality. He says: “For this video, I wanted to use more tricks and more colours. We approached the video as a painting and solely used primary colours, feeling very inspired by Kubrick’s ‘Barry Lyndon’ and Godard’s ‘Weekend’. The video was largely shot in the surroundings of Paris.” True to his word, I still think Cosmic Crooner could be even more daring in his music, in a way that I imagine him working with a big band to capture the intricacies of his music. He’s not an imitator of the music he likes, rather I see a lot of potential in his collaborative and arranging skills . A wonderful and witty songwriter, ” Reflexopolis” is the most ‘ joyful’ of Cosmic Crooner’s releases to date.

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