Track: Big Orange have a bucketful of attitude and swagger ‘By The Dozen’ in their new track.

The word cathartic was surely invented to describe a genre of rock’n’roll that exudes swagger and attitude through every sweaty pore. Big Orange have decanted a barrel full of this in their new single ‘By The Dozen’ – a cantankerous and belligerent slice of utterly cathartic indie rock.

Big Orange is the project of one Daniel Davis, and the song is a gratifying slice of old school devil-worshipping bacchanalia.

A thundering, rolling piano rumble kicks off the insistent, slamming rhythms with a sneering, dissociated vocal delivery that sneers, primps and struts with a satisfying disdain. The call to arms for the filthy, dirty pleasures of excess form the very core of the song:

Your bible say
Thou shalt not sin
Tried heavens door
They didn’t let us in

Come on all you kids let’s rock n roll

It’s not rocket science, it’s not a philosophical discussion on dialectical materialism or the existential nature of life, it does not expand the parameters of music into something new and challenging: it’s a slice of absolutely delicious aural indulgence that goes down a treat. Musical escapism of the highest degree: I love it.

The single is out through new Perth label Blue Grey Pink and can be downloaded and streamed here. Long live rock’n’roll.

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