News: Spencer Flay Shares Genre Skipping New EP ‘5 Pack’

Following a flurry of new singles that has seen him collaborate with fellow up and comers, artists like Nicole Silva, Cut Throat Francis and most recently Luke Potter Spencer Flay now culminates in his latest release, the ‘5 Pack’ EP, a diverse and energetic musical adventure.

‘5 Pack’ is a 16-minute sonic thrill ride where Spencer Flay melds various genres: from indie-rock, to drum and bass, to R&B, to his signature dance style. With vibrant guitar melodies and powerful synths the EP is an exploration of his identity as an artist all held together by Flay’s stylistic, gravelly, emotive lead vocal. The result is an electric blend that showcases Flay’s creativity and genre-defying approach.

Flay’s EP features collaborations with five talented artists, expanding his musical horizons and pushing the boundaries of his reggaeton-inspired roots. Reflecting on this project, Flay expressed his desire to tell better stories and evoke different emotions through these unique partnerships.

Key to this eclectic fusion is producer Angus Malcolm, who expertly weaves these diverse genres into a cohesive and captivating EP which manages the traverse its changes in pace and sonic textures expertly.

Spencer Flay’s musical journey began in 2018, and he quickly rose to prominence, notably signing with ADSRecords in 2020. His 2021 release, ‘Sound Waves’, showcasing his witty and relatable songwriting. His growing recognition even led to an appearance on BBC ONE’s ‘We Are England’ documentary.

With the release of ‘5 Pack’, Spencer Flay continues to evolve as an artist, bringing his signature style to new heights and promising a thrilling musical journey for fans and newcomers alike. This EP is a testament to his versatility and boundless creativity, offering a captivating blend of musical styles and showcasing the artists ability to shine across a range of different musical approaches.

Listen below:

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